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The King Children application is currently built to support iPhone X or higher. Our Cutting edge face-mapping technology allows us to create a frame that is crafted to your exact measurements. Either search for the King Children application in the Apple app store or scan the QR code on the right to get started.
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At King Children, we make it our mission to fit glasses to every face. In addition to our custom fitting platform, we offer three standard sizes of eyewear that support a variety of faces, no matter your size.
If you have a slender or narrow face
If your face is average in size (the most popular option!)
If you have a wide or broad face
Still have questions? Contact a stylist.
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If you have a slender or narrow face
If your face is average in size (the most popular option!)
If you have a wide or broad face
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King Children’s entire business model is designed around building a zero waste future. The three major causes of negative impact on our planet are inventory waste, production waste and CO2 emissions. We are committed to solving each of these problems and creating products that leave the world in a better place.
The traditional eyewear industry generates 14 pairs of waste for each pair sold. We knew there had to be a better way, so we built it. Learn more about our Zero Waste technology below.
Traditional Eyewear
2 out of 3 frames produced are never sold.
Century old manufacturing methods result in traditional eyewear companies having to design their collections 12-18 months in advance of releasing them. This results in overproduction, missed trend opportunities, and a lot of unsold inventory.
For each frame produced 4 pairs worth of material is thrown out.
Did you know that a traditional eyeglass frame is made by shaving down a single block of acetate plastic? Unfortunately, this process only utilizes 20% of the actual material and the remaining 80% becomes production waste. With so much waste created with a single pair of glasses it is clear that the traditional method is unstainable.
Each frame we craft is made using our path-breaking Zero Waste technology through our 3-step process.
Each frame we craft is made using our proprietary system of zero waste manufacturing.
Step 1: Designing for Zero Waste and creating a Zero Inventory System.
Our unique design process allows us to eliminate waste throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. For each order placed, we create a custom 3 dimensional model for each individual customer. This model reduces physical inventory that would later lead to excess waste.
Step 2: A Zero Waste production system.
We are proud to offer a perfected product that fits every kind of face. This is only possible through our laser based production system that carefully crafts each frame individually out of aero-space grade nylon. For each frame made, leftover material is repurposed and is used for the next order.
The Finishing Touches:
Coloring and polishing take place in house, so our colors and shades are always on-trend.
Our hardware and lenses are made-to-order, which allows us to only create what we need.
Step 3: Protecting our planet with zero net carbon emissions.
The strength of our Zero Waste supply chain is that it makes achieving our goal of zero impact on the planet easy. The amount of CO2 emissions released is an important measure of the environmental impact our business and products leave on the world. Since we only produce 7% of CO2 emissions compared to traditional eyewear companies, due to our Zero Waste technology, it is easy for us to offset our entire supply chain’s CO2 emissions. We partnered with Lifegate’s Zero Impact project to plant trees in Madagascar to minimise our carbon footprint.
A no compromise approach to fashion and sustainability.
King Children’s entire business model was built to create stylish eyewear without sacrificing the planet. Our Zero inventory system, zero waste production process, and carbon emission offset program has allowed us to make this possible. We are committed to expanding access and styles such that Zero Waste eyewear becomes the future of the entire eyewear industry.
King Children is a technology platform which was created to rethink how we design, develop and produce the products we buy. It was built from the ground up with the vision of a zero-waste supply chain, with beautiful products that are created for each individual customer. We create performance-enhancing eyewear that improves your life without harming the environment.
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